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Outreach Programs


Salkehatchie is a Methodist based program that brings youths together from across South Carolina in order to repair houses.  There are over 50 camps in which the youth can attend with adult supervision.  Each camp lasts for 7 days and are spread throughout each summer.  The idea is that the youth will work Monday through Friday on the houses while spending those same nights in worship.  The youth learn new skills such as carpentry, roofing, plumbing, flooring, drywall, etc.  They also will see how other people live that may not have the luxuries that the youth are used to having.  The worship each night allows the youth to learn more about their faith while relying on each other to strengthen their faith.  If you are interested in participating then contact us and we will be in touch.

God's Pantry

God's Pantry is a mission that provides food for the poor.  This mission is spread all over the country but the local region is based out of Sharon United Methodist Church.  Liberty Hill helps the program on Monday every six weeks.  The members help distribute the food.  There are also occassions that the church will help pack boxes with food for the mission.  The distribution center is based in Fountain Inn, SC.  Contact us if you would like to contribute to this ministry with money and/or time.


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is a 3-day mission that uses literature, skits, and music to worship God.  VBS is for all ages with classes for children, youth, and adults.  The children will have food, class time, crafts, and play time.  This mission is a good opportunity for children to play with each other while learning about Christianity.  The adults will have food and class time where they will follow a study for the duration of the event.

Food Barrel Collection
Ongoing Mission
Victor Sunday
Ongoing Mission
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